Music PlayLists
      1. Waiting For Love Album Singles

      2. The Nights (Extended Mix) Album The Days & The Nights - EP

      3. The Days Album Singles

      4. The Nights (Felix Jaehn Remix) Album The Days & The Nights - EP

      5. Last Dance (Instrumental Club Mix) Album Last Dance

      6. Can't Catch Me Album Stories

      7. Muja Album The Singles

      8. Levels Album True

      9. Malo (Original Mix) Album Malo

      10. So Excited (Laurent Simeca Remix) Album So Excited

      11. Hope There's Someone Album True

      12. Bom (Original Mix) Album Bom

      13. My Feelings for You (Radio Edit) Album The Singles

      14. Addicted To You (Rex Riot Basscamp Remix) Album True

      15. Sweet Dreams (Avicii Swede Dreams Mix) Album Sweet Dreams

      16. Ten More Days Album Stories

      17. Malo (Radio Edit) Album The Singles

      18. For A Better Day Album Stories

      19. Heart Upon My Sleeve Album True

      20. The Days (Extended Mix) Album The Days & The Nights - EP

      21. You Make Me Album True

      22. Lonely Together ft. Rita Ora

      23. Somewhere In Stockholm Album Stories

      24. Malo (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix) Album Malo

      25. Bom (John De Mark Remix) Album Bom

      26. Friend Of Mine ft. Vargas & Lagola

      27. True Believer Album Stories

      28. X You Album X You

      29. Addicted To You Album True

      30. You Be Love ft. Billy Raffoul

      31. Shame On Me Album True

      32. Snus (Original Mix) Album The Singles

      33. Dancing In My Head Album True

      34. Gonna Love Ya Album Stories

      35. Street Dancer (Radio Edit) Album The Singles

      36. Enganchados Wake me Up Album True

      37. Last Dance (Vocal Radio Mix) Album Last Dance

      38. Superlove Album True

      39. Talk To Myself Album Stories

      40. Liar Liar Album True

      41. Brother Album True

      42. Malo (Sgt Slick Remix) Album Malo

      43. Make Me Up Album True

      44. Last Dance (Instrumental Radio Mix) Album Last Dance

      45. Even (Original Mix) Album The Singles

      46. The Days (Henrik B Remix Extended) Album The Days & The Nights - EP

      47. Malo (Adrian Lux & Flores Remix) Album Malo

      48. Touch Me Album Stories

      49. Malo (Mysto & Pizzi Remix) Album Malo

      50. Last Dance (Vocal Club Mix) Album Last Dance

      51. Sound of Now (Vocal Mix) Album The Singles

      52. Wake Me Up Album True

      53. Hey Brother Album True

      54. So Excited (Radio Edit) Album The Singles

      55. Jailbait (Original Mix) Album The Singles

      56. Without You ft. Sandro Cavazza

      57. City Lights Album Stories

      58. Pure Grinding Album Stories

      59. Waiting For Love Album Stories

      60. Sunset Jesus Album Stories

      61. Silhouettes Album True

      62. More Than You Know

      63. Broken Arrows Album Stories

      64. Dear Boy Album True

      65. Malo (Bobby Vena Remix) Album Malo

      66. X You (Radio Edit) Album X You

      67. Trouble Album Stories



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